Saturday, October 4, 2014

First Post!

     Intentions are beautiful things--when they are fulfilled. I had intended to write this post about a month ago, but I got caught up in the whirlwind of traveling through China. I had also intended this blog to be a bi-weekly affair. The problem with that is that this blog would become more of a diary, and no one wants to read that.
     So, what am I intending to put into this blog? As the title of this blog suggests, I'm a very fallible human being who makes mistakes, and I'm one of those people who find themselves in peculiar situations with alarming regularity. The results? Hilarious--and sometimes cringe-worthy--stories, which I intend to share with you. These stories won't be in chronological order--where's the fun in organization?--but rather I'll post whatever story has been percolating in my mind.
     This particular blog will revolve around my experiences in Chengdu, China, where I'm studying at SiChuan University. I attend classes, go visit tourist and religious destinations, and hang out with the amazing people of this school.
     The stories will arrive, that's one intention I will fulfill, but for now, enjoy some photos of China!

The Forbidden City

The bluest skies I have yet seen in China

Nathan and Ellen chillaxin' on the Great Wall

Martin and Leah looking fabulous at the Summer palace

Do I even need to caption?

That's right, I've caved. I took a selfie. With Terracotta Warriors!

And of course, the Enlightened man himself: Buddha

     More pictures, stories, and captions coming soon! In the meantime, be well and stay safe!

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  1. So fun to be able to join you on your journey through your blog...thanks for doing this my dear!!! Love from your udder mudder!!!